Aleph Programme 2021/22

Sunday, 12th June 2022

Welcome to Aleph- the Sunday morning education experience for primary school age children.

At Aleph Learning Centre NW, based at Bushey United Synagogue, we offer Jewish Education in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where children are encouraged to learn, discover and explore Jewish topics and traditions.

Our overall focus is on 'learning through experience' using a wide range of modern techniques. From the first day, we place an emphasis on developing children's appreciation of living Judaism.

Whether your child has an extensive Jewish knowledge, or is just a beginner, our curriculum has been designed to cater for 5-11 year old children from all backgrounds and at all levels of Jewish knowledge and practice. 

Our programme combines interactive classroom studies that bring Judaism to life, with a range of extracurricular activites, workshops and trips to enhance the learning.  

Year cost: £499 (option to pay in termly instalments at the end of the application)

There is also a ticket with an optional security charge for £524

Please note the cheder term dates are subject to change and we will send a final list of dates to you at the beggining of term. 

To sign up for Aleph you will need to be logged in as the participant. Please email for help logging in quoting the participant name and DOB 


Timings - 9.15am- 12.45pm

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