Made In Israel By the Israeli Hour Theater company

Sunday, 26th February 2023

As part of RJCH Library Opening and Jewish Book Week, we are honored and excited to host the Israeli Hour Theater Company here in Richmond, presenting "Made In Israel" play.


Reception at 19:00

Show starts at 19:30


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact Keren Menashe at

Looking forward meetimg seeing you there.



 **The show is subsidized by WZO and the seats are limited.  We advise you to purchase your ticket ASAP to avoid disappointment.


More about the show:



The two boys were chosen to go abroad to represent the state of Israel in an exciting and emotional musical performance to raise funds for needy Jewish communities in the diaspora. Both boys are determined to fulfil their mission to sing in front of these communities.

This show was one of the theater's largest productions and was specially adapted for the festival.

It has been adjusted to a mixed languages audience and will be suitable for children from the age of 8, teenagers and adults.


 The play is performed by two male actors. It reflects the issues affecting Jewish communities in the wider world as well as in Israel, and includes songs that will be familiar to the audience. 


An Israeli teen, who grew up in a traditional home on a moshav. The son of an Israeli farmer who has grown flowers in greenhouses for generations. Yaniv faces a dilemma - will he fulfil his lifelong dream or carry on taking over the family dynasty?


An immigrant from the Ukraine, who despite his language and cultural barriers, considers himself more Jewish and Israeli than anyone else. Ivgeny is living his grandfather’s dream, who always wanted to be able to live in Israel.


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